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How To Fix Random Disappearing Of HTML Elements On iPhone/iPad

Context: You're developing a web app.
Problem:On your desktop, it looks great. On the iPhone/iPad simulator on your desktop, it looks great.
On the actual iPhone/iPad, however, some elements just don't show up or show up out of place.

Possible Causes:Mobile Safari does not recreate elements with  position : fixedMobile Safari does not render the elements that are offscreen.Mobile Safari misrenders elements using -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch Solution: Trick the Mobile Safari browser to use hardware acceleration more effectively by apply this global css
*:not(html) {   -webkit-transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0); } Side Effects: Some other elements might become misaligned after the css fix, but it should be easier and more possible to restyle these elements than to fix the original rendering problem, unless you know how of course.Performance might be affected.
Note: This is not a nice solution at all, but until there's a fix from Mobile Safari browser, I can't find a better…

How To Set Up WordPress On Google App Engine (GAE)

Don't do it
DON"T DO IT if you plan to use WordPress admin features online. Some of those admin features are logging into WordPress CMS, installing new themes, and updating plugins etc.. In order to use WordPress with GAE, you'll have to:
set up WordPress on your local computer;edit WordPress files and do the above admin tasks on your computer;then use GAE SDK to deploy the changes to the GAE cloud.  
This is inconvenient if you have multiple admin users for your WordPress site.

Reasons GAE disallows write operation to its files. Application files can only be written into Google Cloud Storage. WordPress will prompt for FTP credentials to write to files, which GAE does not provide. You might find some work-around, such as modifying the wp_config file or running the chown command etc.. They won't work. You'll be wasting your time.

You might also have problems with WordPress not being able to access the DB, which you'll spend loads of time googling around for solut…