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How To Set Up Quasar v0.14 On A Laravel+Vue Framework

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Steps Install Laravel according to the instructions on the Laravel website. Laravel 5.4 is used here.
         Make sure you have a Laravel site running before continuing.          E.g. I use Homestead and configure a site under the url When I go to on a          browser, there's no errors. Go to the your Laravel project directory.        E.g. cd ~/your-laravel-project Edit the package.json file of your Laravel project. Make sure you have the packages in red in the dependencies/devDependencies section. If you use a different vue version, you might need to adjust the version of the dependency packages."dependencies": { "babel-runtime": "^6.25.0",     "quasar-extras": "0.x",     "quasar-framework": "^0.14.1",     "vue": "~2.3.4",     "vue-router": "^2.7.0&quo…